Spay It Forward, NFP
139 S. Main St. Seneca, IL 61360


1144 spay/neuters fully funded for animals in need.




Next transport date is Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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and fill out the spay/neuter info by clicking on the spay/neuter transport tab. It saves us lots of time.

-NO FOOD/NO WATER FROM 10 PM THE NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY (Pets must go with an empty belly for their surgical safety)

All outdoor cats must come in secure live traps. We can loan limited numbers out for public use.

They must come one cat per live trap, no exceptions.

All indoor cats must come in secure plastic crates, no zippered bags allowed!

This transport goes to PAWS Chicago.

the feral cat package includes, spay/neuter, Rabies vax, FVRCP vax, left-ear tip, microchip, ears cleaned, wounds treated, flea treatment, pain injection, and antibiotic injection. 


The Indoor/domestic package for owned cats is $60, and includes spay/neuter, rabies and FVRCP vaccines, combo test,pain and antibiotic injections, flea treatment, injectable deworming, ears cleaned, and a physical pre-sedation.


Emails only accepted for these transports.


-email: for sign-up