Spay It Forward NFP

Who We Are

Spay It Forward, NFP was founded in the Fall of 2009. We are a front line defense against animal overpopulation, owner give-ups, euthanasia, and crowded shelters.

We have no overhead costs, no building to maintain, and no salaried members. We assist animals inside LaSalle County, Illinois. We are not an entitlement program for people who do not want to make an effort to spay/neuter their pets. We are not a shelter, we are not veterinarians, and we are not the funding source for your new, yearly pet. We follow the mantra:

“If you cannot afford a vet, you cannot afford a pet!”

Please take responsibility for the care and well-being of the animals you choose. If you can afford to purchase from a breeder, you can afford to provide spay/neuter for your purchased pet, and should not assume that we will fund this for you. The idea of Spay It Forward came via Bilyeu (volunteering at a shelter for 12 years) realizing that overpopulation will never be stopped by shelters adopting animals.


Very few strays are fortunate enough to find an empty cage/kennel within the shelters, the others have no option. In order to end overpopulation, we need to spay/neuter the animals on the streets, in the alleys, and tied to the backyard trees, these are the animals who need spaying/neutering, both for their health and to lessen the number euthanized each year, for lack cage space or homes.

Our Board Members:

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”
Mahatma Gandhi
“Nothing else you do will alleviate as much suffering or prevent the killing or “warehousing” of adoptable pets as quickly or efficiently as spaying and neutering. Prevention of the next generation of homeless pets should be the goal of every humane organization, but it must begin at the source – in the community – before, not after, the damage is done. It is impossible to “adopt out” of the pet overpopulation crisis.”
Nancy Burnet
Executive Director, DJ&T Foundation

To donate please send your contribution to:

Spay It Forward, NFP 139 S. Main St. Seneca, IL 61360 or click any “Donate” button